Opinion:Dare To Dream

Carol Trujillo Hadley / Bilingual Weekly Colummist
As this year comes to a close we take time to reflect on what was accomplished, what is and what could have been. We saw many difficult changes happened in the world of politics, schools, and real estate in cities, counties and the state. Personally, I saw the passing of my greatest booster, my dad, and the blessing of my mom coming to live with us. This last one has changed the way I do things and my involvement in the community, political affairs and my career in real estate, but the time spent with my mom is something I would not change for all the world’s money. It has changed the way I look at a lot of things.
The first being the way we take care of our elderly. As a Latina I am blessed to know that our culture knows the value of our elders. It is our responsibility to provide for them just as they did when they gave us life. My mom has been teaching me patience, which is one quality I have lacked all of my life. She is teaching me to be a lot more forgiving of others and especially of myself. Her smile can light up a room just by her entering.  She has also touched a lot of lives. She was excited to be able to register to vote at her “new home”. At 91 she was thrilled to have a voice in the country she loves.
She has now buried three children and one husband and yet has the best philosophy on what life is all about.
My mother is blessed with our loving family, but there are many elderly out there who are not so fortunate. Who takes them to the doctor? Who gets up with them during the night? What happens when they fall and no one is around? How many fell victims of elder abuse of scams? Who is left to watch out for our elderly? Certainly not the AARP.
Have we finally elected enough new comers who really care about the jobs they were elected to do or just a lot of the same players except with different faces, colors and genders? We need to stay in tuned as to what is happening and what they are really doing.  The DREAM Act should be re-visited with clear lines and more oversight. At different times citizenship has been granted to people serving in our armed forced, why not again now? What we need to do is take a step back and make sure this bill can face scrutiny from all sides. Instead of demonstrating and throwing fits, let us all take a good look at what should be done and then write a bill worth of passing.  DARE TO DREAM AND DREAM BIG.

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2 thoughts on “Opinion:Dare To Dream

  1. Right on, Carol! I have dared to dream, and at 76 have taken off on a journey that will lead . . . who know where? Hope my adventure will inspire others. Details at


    Stay on the case!


    Posted by Richard Pollak | January 24, 2011, 12:28 am


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