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Lodi says NO to medical marijuana

Lodi, CA / Bilingual Weekly

Lodi has added yet another difference with Stockton.
Whereas medical marijuana sale is allowed and regulated in Stockton and 33 other cities throughout California, the Lodi City Council has declared it wants nothing to do with it.

Citing federal and state law inconsistencies, and murky details on what could be considered legal about the business, City officials just said they “will stay away from it”

In spite of a 53.5% over 46.5% defeat on the November 2010 General Election, legalization of marijuana dispensaries in California is still a local government issue and it is up to them to allow it within their jurisdictions.

The conflict with federal laws was settled on 2009 when federal officials announced that they will no longer try to block medical marijuana distribution and use in California.

Lodi joins Tracy and Modesto on their stance on the issue. City of Lodi staff is now working on a ban ordinance to be voted on mid-February 2011.

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One thought on “Lodi says NO to medical marijuana

  1. The extreme cautionary measures of Lodi’s ban have nothing to do with public safety. Marijuana is safer than aspirin (i.e. no matter how much you consume, you cannot die from overdose)

    Pepsi and McDonalds kill more people than marijuana. 365,000 people die every year from poor diet and lack of exercise. Zero people die every year from marijuana.

    Prohibition has nothing to do with public safety.

    Can marijuana be harmful to some people? As reported by NIDA, less than 10% of marijuana users develop a dependency, whereas 15% of alcohol users have an alcohol problem. Moreover, by every scientifically measurable standard, marijuana is nowhere near as harmful as alcohol. But no one calls you a wino for having a drink, or suggests that drinking should be illegal.

    Prohibition has nothing to do with public safety.

    There are many lifestyle choices that are more dangerous than smoking pot: extreme sports such as skateboarding, skydiving, football, or boxing. Heck, Sonny Bono died in a skiing accident! But we don’t prohibit self-destructive or risky behavior, or poor life choices. And if we did, marijuana would be low on the list. So why is it illegal?

    Prohibition has nothing to do with public safety.

    Think critically. Get the facts. Legalize the weed

    Posted by Flutie | January 2, 2011, 6:57 am

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