Extra Cash For Who?

Thomas A Benigno / Former Elected Republican Committee Member
I recently went to the DMV to get my registration renewal on my vehicle. I had a smog problem with a vehicle and had to get an extension to have it fixed. The smog center that performed the smog test said the vehicle passed the emissions test, and the catalytic converter test but failed on the “gas cap”. This is not a joke.
A year or so before, I went to have my vehicle tested by another smog shop and it passed the emissions and the functional check but failed on the catalytic converter. I asked the attendant and he said we can send you next door and have the Catalytic converter changed. I asked him how much would that cost he said about $279.00 I said no thanks and I asked for another extension.
My point here is that the smog test shops were more interested in saying that the vehicles did not pass and then doing the repairs themselves. Corruption is as corruption does. I have the feeling that the smog test shops are working with the DMV to generate cash for the city and the state, on the backs of the tax payers.
To be hit with a 40% increase in the cost of license renewal is intolerable for the consumers. That 40% increase could have been used to repair the vehicle and make sure it met the standards, not to subsidize the smog test shops, as well as the state DMV office, especially during an economic meltdown and layoff period as we are seeing. The high price of gas was another reason many cars were not passing, because of those who were using bad fuel from third world gas suppliers.
As we have just seen, the bail out of many auto corporations such as GM, Ford, Dodge, and others have been boasting high profits after being bailed out with loans, while the poor consumers are wasting away paying high gas prices, no jobs, losing their homes.
The emissions needed to meet the Air Quality Standards do not come from these smog inspections every other year. It might have been from other sources of emissions like burning of garbage or tree brush from farming operations. There is no way we can stop the emissions especially with all the cars and trucks driving up and down the freeways up and down California, not to mention the other many industrial emissions.
The moral of this story is, we the consumer need help from the special interest bureaucracy of big government who’s motto is to keep making new laws to keep the public spending.
If the state would do the mandatory smog tests every 4 years, maybe people would have the money to repair their vehicles, so they would pass the smog tests. Or just lower the prices of the new vehicles, so that people could afford a new car. Problem solved.

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