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Opinion:Your Vote is Our Voice

Motecuzoma Sanchez / Bilingual Weekly Guest Columnist

This election, as others, is very important to the future and current welfare of our people and communities. Some would argue, including me, that this election is more relevant than usual. On November 2nd (ironically Dia de los Muertos), our State will decide the Governor who will lead our State for the next four years, as well as many propositions that have the potential to have a great impact on our population. Of course there are also the local races.

In the race for Governor, if ever there was a time when our vote carried so much weight, it is now. It’s been predicted that the Mexican and Latino vote will be the swing factor that decides this race. With that being said we must understand the distinct difference between the two front-runners. I must unequivocally decry the hypocrisy and threat that Meg Whitman poses, not only to our ethnic community, but also to the welfare of our State as a whole. I must decry the hypocrisy of calling for two walls at the border with National Guard soldiers at the post, while allowing an illegal immigrant to raise one’s children for nine years. The same hypocrisy that calls for the elimination of bilingual education and establishment of English as the only State language (never mind the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo), while running adds in Spanish on Spanish language television. Meg’s attempt to reach out to our community for nothing more than our swing vote, while employing Pete Wilson, the main proponent of proposition 187, as her chief campaign advisor, is nothing short of unbridled hypocrisy. This from the same individual who has the audacity to deny opposing racist Arizona law AB 1070 while running against her republican opponent in the primary election, then stand on her soap box decrying it after wining that race. Yet, in the same breathe calls for “SWAT-team like raids on businesses suspected of employing undocumented workers”. That goes far beyond the provisions of the Arizona profiling law, and far beyond civil reasoning.

Meg Whitman, just as the Republican Party, is not a reasonable, let alone healthy, option. This election Jerry Brown, as well as the Democratic Party’s candidates from local school boards to Senate, are our only viable choice. With that being said, I do not for a minute give Democrats blind loyalty, for I find many times we must keep them on task in regards to representing our needs and interests, but at least we are part of that discussion.  The Republican Party cares nothing for our community, except recently recognizing our potential to sway an election and wanting our vote. A vote that I suspect will be tossed aside once it serves its purpose, just as Meg’s live in nanny was.

In recognizing our potential as a voting block, we must also recognize the impact of our failure to exercise that power. Currently we are 40% of our State’s population, yet in the last election only constituted 17% of California’s voters. The disparity in our participation as compared to our population is a failure that we must take ownership of and correct. We cannot demand attention to our needs and desires and fail to show up at the polls. That is how politics works: you either give candidates and their Parties a reason to listen to you by wielding political power, such as our vote, or you sit back and complain that nothing is changing. A closed mouth does not get fed.

Make no mistake, it is of vital importance that we exercise our collective power this election, keeping in mind on this Dia de los Muertos, those of our predecessor who have paved the way and fought for us to have a chance to vote and be heard. Failure to do so is not only disrespect to those ancestors, as well as current champions, but social suicide as ignorance and apathy are political and social death. We have come too far to be turned back now.

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One thought on “Opinion:Your Vote is Our Voice

  1. Briliant! Motec continues to be a strong reliable source of truth in our community. It is tongues like his that are backed by brains like his that shine light to a progressive change and empowerment of our underrepresented communities. Adelante Raza!!

    Posted by Omar | October 28, 2010, 7:53 am

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