Opinion-Follow the Money

Carol Trujillo-Hadley / Columnist / Bilingual Weekly

Have just finished watching another political ad and again questioned the facts being spouted.

But, once the talking head finishes the ad, look to see who has paid for the ad.

Unions and special interest groups are posturing for future concessions once their candidate is elected, so they are spending thousands —if not millions— to get their candidate elected.  Or, as we in the political realm say, “they are buying future access.” 

Meg Whitman is being vilified because she is putting a lot of money into her race for Governor, or as some say buying her way to office.  So far her greatest challenges are coming from the Nurses Union, Teachers Union and the SEIU.  Why do they fear her?  Is it because she is questioning their practices?  If the unions and special interest groups know they have not paid for future benefits and access this is not advantageous for them —they want candidates who are beheld to them.

When we lived in Longview, WA, the unions went on strike against the logging mills and aluminum plant.  After almost a year of being on strike, the only ones who were on the pick lines and who lost homes, cars, etc., were the rank and file —the union bosses had kept all their toys and didn’t have to look for new jobs to put food on their tables. 

Look how the teacher unions have ruled school districts in our area.  Union bosses running candidates they know will be beholding to them.  No wonder few run for these offices!  Who can fight their deep pockets when it comes to purchasing signs, literature, and phone banks? 

Any citizen can ask for a list of contributors on a candidate.  Find out who is buying the office.  Is the candidate receiving monies from average citizens such as you and I?

When I contribute to a candidate it is because I have a strong belief in him or her.  I look for qualifications and past involvement in the community. Are they wanting the same things I do?   Do they truly want to serve in the office they are seeking or only wanting to be a letterhead politician?

Take the time to attend meetings or any time a candidate is making public appearances. Listen to what the candidate actually says.  When you or a moderator ask questions DO THEY REALLY ANSWER or only give a canned answer?

Where is the money coming from?  Is someone supporting because they know this is the best candidate or because they know they will be a puppet for them.  FOLLOW THE MONEY!

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