Opinion:It’s time to spend on trade education

Thomas Benigno / Former elected Republican Central Committee member

If you haven’t noticed lately, the economy is in  shambles and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better.We recently heard that cut backs in the system are going after state employees of the SEIU, fire, police,teachers , and so on. The worst cut backs will be school programs, such as sports, music and other important programs of learning. The one issue I have is cutting sports programs, football and other sports events that generate money for the schools.
As we have seen, they cut trade or shop programs, such as wood shop, auto shop, metal shop, and a vast number of trade education programs that would have helped some students get jobs after graduating from school. Not everyone can afford to go to college. These trade programs will help some students get better starts in life doing this type of work. It will soon be a myth for students to get an college education because of the economy.
It is a shame that colleges boast that every student needs to get an education, but if  they don’t have money they can’t go. Many can’t even complete the first semester before dropping out because of the lack of money. All the grants they talk about are just not there these days. We need to start allowing students to learn other types of schooling, as trade schools. Not every student has the ability to be a doctor or a lawyer, even if there were needs for them in society.
The time has come for students to start learning some trades to help them make a living while going to school. It may take longer to get an education but it will pay off for them in the long run,  not owing money for an education. Computers have created trouble for many, because of all the rapid changes in the computer world,  in the ever changing use of computers.
I’m just glad that I had many alternative work skills. That is what saved me over the years. Working for one company or being in business for yourself, you never know when you will need to get a second job or get back to working for wages, as long as there are jobs. As we can see now, most high paying jobs are few and far between. Lets just hope that the economy will get better, but without jobs, we are in deep water.
Many out there will say most people without jobs just don’t want to work, but if we really look around most of the great paying jobs have been outsourced. Just look around.  Lets hope that more jobs will come to the San Joaquin Valley area. This is where we are hurting.
One of my wishes was to see the peripheral canal being built in order to help the thousands who are out of work, ready to lose their homes. These jobs would have helped most of those people who are now struggling to stay afloat.

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