Opinion:The Empress has No Clothes

By Motecuzoma Sanchez

Many things we need to know as adults are learned as a child. When I was a child I recall reading the book, “The Emperor’s New Clothes,”  by Hans Christian Andersen, published in 1837.  It is a simple folk story about a King who has such totalitarian control over his subjects, the people, that they are in fear of him.

The timeless premise of the story is that a great parade is coming soon and the King desires a new extravagant outfit to wear. He is tricked by two tailors into believing that his outfit will be so great that it can only be seen by those worthy and competent enough to see its magical fibers. In reality it’s imaginary. Although, the King himself cannot see or feel the “outfit,” he says nothing for the trepidation of appearing unworthy or incompetent. The tyranny of the King scares the people he’s surrounded with into pretending  to see the outfit in order to prevent being exposed as inferior. This is of course, a testament to his character’s weakness, which is cloaked by his tyranny and kept hidden by imposing fear on others. It is a testament to the lack of moral courage and common sense of his subjects whom advise him. They are more concerned with their heir of superiority and priviledge than their basic senses of sight and reason.
Parade day arrives and the people are horrified at the sight of their King parading foolishly naked, yet no one dares say a word except of course, for a child in the crowd. In his naive reasoning, unfettered by learned ingnorance, and relying on his basic senses of sight and reason, he yells out, “ the emperor has no clothes!”
It is then in the spirit of childhood truth and basic logic that I must decry the attempts of Meg Whitman to court the Chicano and Latino communities for support. Meg Whitman is the republican candidate for governor of California. She is a billionaire who’s made her fortune in part from her suspected insider dealings with Goldman Sachs: the epicenter firm mired by allegations of corruption on Wallstreet. She now wants to be the Governor of our golden state, although she has not voted in any election for the last 28 years. In the primary election she has already spent more than $80 million dollars, $70 million of it her own money. How much do governors get paid? A mere fraction of that, and she still has until the November election to spend more of her fortune. Besides trying to buy the election, she also ran in the primary on a platform that is diametrically opposed to the well fare and progress of our communities. In a contest to out hate, out spend,
and out republican her opponent, she proclaimed that she will do things such as ban bilingual education ( I suppose this paper would become contraband), although she offers a Spanish version of her website. After promoting her scapegoat politics of illegal immigration and race, she now advertises in Spanish on Spanish television, during World Cup games, that she is oppossed to the racist Arizona law SB 1070. This is coming from someone who would have California be much worse. On her own website she advocates for and promises she will use law enforcement to conduct “drug seizure” like SWAT team raids on businesses “ suspected” of employing illegal immigrants. The Arizona law falls far short of that! She promises she will use the military to man the border, I guess to catch Bin Laden. And like the advisers catering to their king of little courage and integrity, there are many individuals and organizations like Mark Martinez and the San Joaquin Hispanic
Chamber of Commerce who have no problem trying to sell their naked king to the people they are supposed to represent. So like that child, basic in his reasoning and courageous in his trust of his visual sight, I must stand up and shout, “ Queen Meg does not love Mexicans or Latinos!”

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